Shuffle Mode should be Easier

I've noticed lately that I toggle my iPod's shuffle mode on and off rather often. It's basically a mood thing — sometimes I want to hear an entire album start to finish, and other times I want to shuffle through an artist/genre/playlist's tracks randomly.

Unfortunately, toggling shuffle mode on and off involves a number of steps:
  1. "Menu" back to the UI's top level
  2. select "Settings"
  3. set Shuffle to "Songs"
  4. "Menu" back to the top level
  5. select "Now Playing"
  6. proceed with listening or shuffling to next tracks
I noticed a little while ago that the middle "Select" button doesn't do much. Sure, when held down it functions as an "on the go playlist maker," but I think I've used it like once. Wouldn't it make more sense if holding down Select toggled shuffle mode? Are any of you mood-based shufflers like me?


  1. I completely agree. For me, it's more a matter of whether I'm listening to an audio book (which really works a lot better when everything is in order) or to music, which I almost always have on shuffle.

  2. Totally agree, I have that problem everyday.

  3. seconded. moved to the floor for a vote.

    related: im listening in shuffle, hit a great song, and want to listen to the rest of the album right away. "switch to album" mode would be the same button as your "switch to shuffle".

    in iTunes, you can hit option + (little gray arrow next to album name) to do this. this needs to work in ipod land.

  4. I feel your pain! I actually wish Apple put a dedicated shuffle switch on the side of the iPod to control this. Why must their industrial design be so clean and nice?

  5. The only way I have found to combat this is to jam on the settings button 10 times really fast. You arrive at the main menu quite quickly. Not the best solution, but it works!

  6. yes. easier would be good