Whooping Cough

According to Dr. Razavi (our on-site doc here at work), the danger posed by the rapid, worldwide spread of Whooping Cough is way higher than bird flu. She posted about it on her blog:
"In its heyday it was responsible for at least 200,000 cases a year just in the United States. These cases were reduced significantly with the development of the vaccine in the 1940's. However, since the 1980's there has been a steady increase again with 9000 cases in 2002, and 25,000 cases in 2004..."

"All adults 19 - 64 years old and especially those with infants should receive the new pertussis vaccine which is given as one shot in combination with the diphtheria/tetanus vaccine. It is not a live vaccine so there is no risk of getting the disease from the vaccine. It is considered safe and effective, however its safety in pregnant women and in those over 65 has not yet been established. Teens 11 - 18 are also recommended to get the vaccine. The immunity from this vaccine is expected to last 6-10 years."

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  1. The benefits of getting into a bar fight keep rolling in. First, the important lesson was "no really, drinking is bad for you." And now I find that I've been immunized from whooping cough by accident when they gave me the tetanus shot! Talk about a bright side...