Stadium Arcadium

I'm not the only one digging the new Chili Peppers album.


When on the Road...

Alex Garland, The Beach:
"Assimilating myself was the most natural thing in the world. I'd been doing it ever since I became a traveller. Another saying: when in Rome, do as the Romans. In the traveller's ten commandments, that's commandment number one. You don't march into Hindu temples and start saying, 'Why are you worshipping a cow?' You look around, take on board, adjust, accept."

Good point

Julien Couvreur:
"...you should understand that the AJAX trend is not simply about rich UI and eye candy, but more generally about providing a more responsive experience by optimizing the bottleneck resource (the network): you cache the data that doesn't change (some HTML, Javascript or CSS), and transfer only the information that is dynamic."


Happy Vesak Day!

May's full moon (Saturday the 13th) is the anniversary of Buddha's enlightenment. Some reading:
...and a quote from The Way to Ultimate Calm by Webu Sayadaw (photos):
"Only when your practice of morality (sila) is perfect can you fulfill your aspirations for awakening."



Just saw my first MacBook Pro (on Goldman's desk)... it's dead sexy.