Don't miss this LA Times series about the changes Earth's oceans are undergoing...


eMusic Pricing

These days I'm buying the majority of my tunes from eMusic (mp3 format, no DRM!), but I'm not a huge fan of their pricing model - my main problem with it is that unused downloads don't carry over to the next month.

My solution is to use their least expensive subscription - $9.99 per month - then buy Booster Packs as needed, which do carry over month-to-month.

For more about why eMusic rocks, check out this Wired article.


What to do when your Treo 650's speaker stops working...

...but the handsfree still works fine? Get this app: VolumeCare Pro + ByPass

This one might work too, but didn't work for me: HeadCold

The frightening thing is how many people are also experiencing this problem... the VCP forum currently has 136(!) pages of people dealing with similar issues. This thread is the one that finally lead me to VCP.

Learning to Code

Two perspectives on learning to code these days:
  • Salon.com, Why Johnny Can't Code - argues that machines should still ship with an interactive BASIC environment
  • Rafe Colburn, The Golden Age for Wannabe Programmers - argues that Web Browsers + View Source (for learning HTML/CSS/JS) + a Text Editor are all you need, and that interactive Python and Ruby environments are there if you wanna go deeper
I agree with both, as I used to hack around on a TI hooked up to the television in our living room when I was little, and it was loads of fun! For hacking around with Python today, this book is the place to start.


Sri Lanka

From my friend Shisir:
"On the October 2, 2006 birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the ancient city of Anuradhapura is expected to host a 1 million people - the largest gathering in Sri Lanka’s history - in a meditation for peace called together by the Sarvodaya Movement. People throughout the world are invited to participate. The event will be broadcast live..."

"$10 covers travel, food, and lodging expenses of a Sri Lankan villager to participate in the meditation program. You can sponsor a busload, a village, a youth or elders’ group - and donate online."