OpenID for your domain

Enabling OpenID for your own domain is surprisingly easy:
  1. Get an account here
  2. Paste some code into your <head>
Then comment away!

[via Sutter]


Desert Island Music: Love

The Beatles' Love made my Desert Island series today, it's just brilliant.

Thanks to Stewart for introducing me to it, and Krissy for indulging my desire to see it live.


This is not helpful

Trying to log into Rhapsody:



AsRuge, last weekend here in San Francisco:


Sushi Spam

This arrived via email:


Me and AdWords

I find it ridiculous that someone deemed this blogworthy, but to each their own.

When I joined Google back in 4/2003, there was a company perk such that employees could set up a $1/day test AdWords campaign, to get to know the AdWords product better. Since I'd just settled down after 14 months of backpacking around the world, I naturally decided to go with ego keywords, in case anybody I met on the road was searching for me. Thus, "currently grooving in the Bay Area."

I'd forgotten this campaign was even running until some folks at work emailed me the link - I hope this clears it up a bit.


A few things I'd like

A few things I've been desiring lately, lazyweb-style:
See a trend here?

(RIP, MacNoteTaker and Treo)