Well Duh

Slashdot | The Reality Distortion Field Is Real: "Researchers at Duke University subjected participants to subliminal images of the iconic Apple and IBM logos (during what subjects thought was a visual acuity test), and those who were shown the Apple logo generated more creative ideas after the test than did those who were shown the IBM logo."

(emphasis mine)


  1. Thank you for the enlightening post. Appreciate it a lot.
    Subliminal messaging can indeed be very powerful. Interesting enough, a website http://www.chargedaudio.com (non-aff link) sells a bunch of subliminal programs. Might be interesting to check them out.

  2. I wonder what their definition of creative is? Or rather, what the outcome of this type of creativity is?

    IBM create high end servers (amongst other things), machines that can make complicated weather forecasts / machines that can simulate explosions of massive proportions / machines that can beat Gary Kasparov at chess, and more, as well as create general IT solutions (IBM Global Service), and so on.

    The Apple logo inspires me more to be creative than IBM, but the IBM logo inspires me more to be creative-minded (lateral-minded in the Edward de Bono sense) about complicated stuff relating to IT and business in general. Apple: about how to be creative, perhaps, about things such as web design, and so on.

    - got me thinking about the nature of creativity / creative-thinking ...

  3. As Eamon said, it depends on what "Creative" is.

    Perhaps, even, it's because IBM makes folks think of work and Apple, with all its highly effective product placement in movies & TV makes them feel more open.


  4. The IBM logo was designed in the '70s by Paul Rand, who is a graphic design legend. He designed the ABC, UPS, and Westinghouse logos just to name a few. He also designed the NeXT logo, which was Steve Jobs computer company after he got booted out of Apple in the mid '90s.

    And we're only 10 years removed from the rainbow-colored Apple logo, which was TERRIBLE. I have a cache of Apple manuals and promotional materials, and the stuff from the early to mid '90s is hideous. Obviously Apple has updated it's branding because of the market they're trying to reach. IBM doesn't really need to do that because of the market they're trying to reach. It's apples and oranges (pun not intended).

  5. I agree Apple feels fun and IBM comes across as work - ergo fun = creativity.
    The interesting part is that seemingly even though there have been fifty years of denial subliminal messages do work.

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  8. I am an apple user and a devoted and loyal one too, but I do have my reservations on this one. Its not convincing at all. Apple wonderful, but I doubt it very much if it is linked to higher creative links. BUT BUT BUT, one of the most interesting and amusing books I read in a long time....Thomas Fink's The Man's World was typed on a Mac...so maybe....

  9. I am a devoted apple user. but that still doesnt mean that I am convinced about it....I mean, higher creativity levels??!! all the same...one of the most interesting and amusing books I read in a long time, Thomas Fink's The Man's Book, was typed allegedly on a Mac....well...

  10. Well, grandmistress, my book wasn't written on a Mac...make of that what you will!

    Andrew Goulding