• VHS or Beta: first encounter with them, they were solid and rocked. And they're from Kentucky! Viva la midwest
  • Kavinsky: great DJ dancing
  • MGMT: sleepy at first, but they saved the best for last
  • Boyz Noize: more great DJ dancing
  • Kate Nash: was running low on energy when they started, but they grew on me
  • Hot Chip: more great dancing, need to check out their latest album
  • Kraftwerk: my first encounter with them; I think they were just IMing up there
  • Yelle: OMGZ!!! this was hands-down the best show we saw
  • Prince: I only went because @anildash would kill me if I didn't go
  • Stars: first time seeing them live, loved them
  • Gogol Bordello: second time seeing them live, not much different from my first time at last year's Coachella
  • Metric: pure awesomeness
  • My Morning Jacket: solid and rocking; also from Kentucky
  • Roger Waters: EPIC; was my first time seeing any Floyd live, and was smiling ear-to-ear the whole time
  • Justice: crazy hella fun dancing to cap off a wonderful three days
The LA Times has some solid Coachella coverage, as does Sir Tony Pierce.

[sidenote: I'm still amazed that one can purchase DRM-free music from all these artists at Amazon (and probably elsewhere) — the music industry has come a long way.]


  1. I stumbled here from a blogger update. Good luck on your career move. Thx for the links on the bands at Coachella- enjoyed hearing previews from some artists I've never heard of before.

  2. I'm relatively new to blogger but after a failed attempt at Wordpress, I've come to love Blogger like crazy and just wanted to thank you for making it such a wonderful, reliable outlet for writers, journalists, artists etc. All the best my friend!
    - Jo

  3. Based on a few bands you've mentioned (and I checked out your lastfm page) I think you'd like the Gutter Twins:


    Mark Lanegan and Greg Dulli = amazing

    Just sayin.

    < /random blog stalk >

  4. Thanks for the review E. I am only 1.5 hours from SXSW and ASL but can never go do to work. AAAHHHHH!!!!!! Who invented music in schools any way. I guess I’ll have to go back to bonnaroo, which is in the summer when I’m no working.

    p.s. district is getting flooded with new comps and not a mac among them. Alas!!!

  5. Hey Eric!

    Was surprised to see your smiling face on the Blogger dashboard. You're a loooong way from Marietta, dude!

    Good to know you are doing well.

    Wish I could say the same for Blogger, which has me in FTP hell.

    Be well, eekman!

  6. thank G you said no to vampire weekend. my morning rox. I'm going to see them in lousiville. you should check out the hard lessons..been at sxsw a few times.
    dont read my blog it's depressing.

    thanks :)

  7. Hello, I would like to say thank you for making blooger easier. Good luck, I wish you well in your new career.

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    Thanks and more blogs to come. God bless!

  8. First off, you are sooooo way cooler than I am. Second, great taste in music.

    The third is the most important. Your blog, for whatever reason, became known to me right when I needed it. I am, after a much prolonged professed atheism, firmly back in the camp of agnostics. I feel as though the eastern/Buddhist philosophies have always been with me but that I am only now employing their strengths and truths in my own life. I am envious that you are further on this path than I am. But give me time and I will learn how to abolish such petty feelings as jealousy and envy.

    Until Next Time,

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