Salmonella Dub

I've been a fan of these kiwis' music since I first heard of them while backpacking around New Zealand in 2002. Heal Me is their first new album since 2004, and it's exceptional. Other favorites include Inside the Dub Plates, One Drop East, and Mercy.


  1. Yes, they are great. They are great in concert :). Where did you backpack, exactly?
    I lived in Wellington for about a year and traveled the country when I could; I did a three day trip in the Able Tasman.

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  4. Hey!

    I'd love to hear more about New Zealand..it may very well be my next destination!

  5. Great taste! NZ bands do rock! Biased I know! That is because I am a kiwi!
    Cheers Ruth

  6. Hi there,

    Spotted your blog promoted on the google white board,
    Thanks for entertaining me today.

    Best wishes to your future career,

    Heli, NZ

  7. I live in Liège Belgium, we speak French here.
    How about the weather in New Zeeland?
    We have here a maritime climate: not much snow,not very hot except about for about 3 weeks a year, rather often rain, but i adore my town: people from very different origins, historical town, not too many skyscrapers, i live quite in the town center on a hill with a lot of trees. And you?

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