Jim Sinegal rocks

Costco knows wassup.
"There's no sense in me BS-ing you. The reason we did it originally was exactly as you're suggesting -- to save money. We put the skylights in so that we didn't have to turn the lights on. But of course it's also environmentally correct. We also recycle all the boxes that the goods come in. And we're working on how we can simplify packaging and save on fuel. We just reconfigured our cashews. They were in a round canister, and we put them in a square canister. It sounds crazy, but we saved something like 560 truckloads a year of that one product. That's significant savings."

Family Guy

Norman Lear, on Seth MacFarlane: "I can't think of anybody doing a better job right now of mining the foolishness of the human condition."


Soul is Bulletproof

From Adam P via email:
Hello All:
As we're still reeling from the recent voter turnout and election results, this mass email may seem insignificant, but I had to promote the creative work of my friends' third anthology, Soul is Bulletproof: Reports from Reconstruction New Orleans .
The volume is $18 and available through NOLAFugeesPress.
It is a powerful collection of truths and satire from this past year of NOLAFugees writing, an alternative perspective on happenings and slow change in the New Orleans area.
Thanks for reading this and hope you're well.