Great Mac app: Precipitate

Stuart Morgan's Precipitate is good software—it gives you Spotlight access to all your Google Docs docs, runs invisibly, and Just Works.

My only complaints are that it doesn't yet support multiple accounts, and doesn't auto-update. Fortunately these are already on Stuart's radar.


Big Words

Originally uploaded by shaderlab
Me looking for @ceedub, after his USF graduation a few days ago. With Big Words, @dom's rad new iPhone app.


Domainr Update

Last night we pushed a big update to Domainr, then had the best horchata north of the border from Marta's Kitchen. In short:
  • IDN support so you can do ☺.com , 丿乀.com and ☃.net
  • .com/net/org support, Domainr's most-requested feature
  • better status for wildcard domains
  • full registrar support for the entire domain namespace
Ceedub and Ydnar are true hax0rs.