Eric Case, Headhunter

Not really, but I'm excited to see how well things worked out for Wendy and Get Satisfaction. I think it was June last year when Wendy and I were chatting, and she mentioned wanting to find CEO-level work at a mature SF startup in 2009—this was a career shift she felt she was ready for.

Satisfaction immediately came to mind, because they're both a startup and an actual business, and I knew they were growing and could probably use some deeper business experience at some point (Venture Beat has some good coverage).

Satisfaction's premise, that "customer service is the new marketing," is something I feel very strongly about. What they're doing is the only way to scale customer service—I know this first-hand from my time on Blogger Support—and I've been a fan of their product and vision since Lane and Veen first told me about it. Not only does awesome customer service make users happy, but it has the side benefit of implicitly marketing products.

Congrats to all involved!

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