Stay Healthy

The Chronicle:
"Unfortunately, the scientific findings on diet and disease are marginalized by the political power of huge, mutually reinforcing commercial interests - meat, dairy, sugar, drugs and surgery." 

"These industries are desperate to sell a solution that obscures their part in the problem. If they can convince people that the cause of our health crisis has nothing to do with eating unhealthy food, and everything to do with increasing access to drugs and surgery, Americans will spend trillions more on health care without improving their health."
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  1. The problem isn't just ignorance or misinformation. It runs both broad and deep. I'll use my father as just one example of what is wrong here. He is obese, gets very little exercise and consumes way too may saturated fats and fried foods. He takes medication to lower his blood pressure, another to combat the side-effects, another to lower his cholesterol, and yet another to thin his blood, etc. He knows the benefits of proper nutrition and exercise from my experience of becoming a vegetarian, getting active, and losing 80 pounds, adding years to my life. He just considers my lifestyle too hard and nothing will convince him otherwise. He thinks of food as strictly for pleasure and reward and isn't concerned with nutrition and sustenance and therefore doesn't care that his 2 Sausage McMuffin w/ hashbrowns and large coke breakfast is a bunch of empty, unhealthy calories and loaded with artery clogging fat. Why should he? His doctor assures him that his little pills are going to keep him alive for now and he is all to happy to tell himself that it is true.

    Yes there is a lot of misleading and flat out erroneous information put out there by those with a vested interest, and we need education to counter that, but we also need to realize that people want to buy into it.