Easy Kindle Clippings

The main reason I use a Kindle is because I'm a chronic annotator*. It lets me highlight passages as I read them, which is minimally disruptive to my reading flow. The problem later though is, how to get those annotations into a human-readable format—the Kindle's MyClippings.txt file is definitely not this.

After some digging, I found Erik Lundqvist's MyClippings Java app for both Mac and Windows. It ain't pretty, but it'll export the file into HTML, CSV, or DOCX (for Word). From HTML, I just copy/paste into Google Docs, which makes my notes searchable.

How do you handle your Kindle annotations?

* Whenever I read anything (book, magazine, whatever), I take notes from it—quotes, passages that resonated, things to research further, etc. And because I'm a geek, I must eventually type up said notes, so that I can search them later. My nerdy note-taking goes way back—I've still got notes from 2000, when I used to scribble them into MacNoteTaker on my Palm V in Graffiti. Yikes.

Update: Dunno when this went live, but you can now see Kindle clippings on Amazon's site.


  1. For those you prefer to do this online there is also a dedicated website for this


  2. I also suggest clippingsconverter.com, and it's free