Money quotes from Social History of the mp3

This is a damn fine piece, here are a few nuggets that leapt out at me:
"Music is a social process driven by passion, not market logic or copyright."
"The mp3 may have atomized music into millions of little pieces, but each piece, it seems, found a publicist. The average music fan now has the built-in capacity to double as promoter and distributor in an ever-expanding arena that's making and eliminating rules every minute."
"In the same way that technology is a social force created by humans, with the power to expand or restrict what we're able to do, so goes the law."
"What DRM taught us during its short life, is that for the law to work, people have to believe in it. This doesn't necessitate Pirate Bay-level countercultural deviance, but the simple idea that the rules laid down are based in common sense, not the frigid logic of corporate balance sheets."
[via Nick via Noah]

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  1. That second quote is such a great breakdown! The same could be said of blogs in the world of journalism.