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Google Voice feedback

I noticed a, "Take our survey" link in the upper-right corner of the Google Voice webapp, so I clicked it. Here's what I sent them:

iPhone webapp
- the app refreshes its whole self almost all the time (I keep it loaded in a MobileSafari tab) -- ideally it would just ajax refresh and not need to refresh its entire self so much
- refresh should be top-level, not in a menu
- while the action menu is visible, tapping anywhere else on the screen should make it disappear
- I shouldn't have to choose a contact manually -- the To: field should just auto-complete as I type (just like in gmail)
- SMS conversations should be in reverse-chronological order, with newest messages at the top -- it's a pain to scroll to the bottom to see the latest message. I know you're emulating the way it works in the native SMS app, but this is in a web browser so the context is different.
Desktop webapp
- why is this not just integrated into gmail? There shouldn't be a separate "voice" webapp
- I shouldn't have to click a checkbox before archiving something (like an SMS thread). Having the focus be on the thread (or whatever) should be sufficient, just like gmail. As many of Gmail's patterns as possible should be replicated in Voice's UI :)
- I should be able to search my Contacts in the same searchbox that's at the top of the main Voice screen -- looks like this is already there
- I haven't seen any new invitations in ages! I wish I had more to give to friends
Voice service in general
- I wish I could make calls directly from the app, rather than needing a native phone number (like a landline, or # from a mobile operator). I know this is non-trivial functionality, but that's the sort of thing y'all excel at. ;)
- Push: I'm about to switch to an Android phone, and its app apparently polls for updates every 5 mins. Ideally it would push SMS and voicemail notifications, so they'd arrive instantaneously
Gvoice is a brilliant service, can't wait to see what you guys have in the works! Keep up the great work,
Update: some more stuff I'd like to see:

  • iPhone webapp: a character counter! It won't let you send more than 160 characters, but it doesn't currently tell you how many you've typed.