"No Airport Card Installed"

A little while ago my Air decided to forget that it has a wifi card installed. A quick trip to my local Genius Bar solved the problem, by moving the following files to my Desktop, so that the OS could re-create fresh, happy ones; they're in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/
  • NetworkInterfaces.plist
  • preferences.plist
  • com.apple.airport.preferences.plist
Just recording this here in case any of y'all encounter something like this.


    1. Excellent!!! This slved my problem. There are numerous forums suggesting varius solutins. But this one wrked...

      Thanks for posting it. Saved me a trip to Apple Store.


    2. Yay for the interweb! This is exactly why I posted it here. :)


    3. Hi and Bhavatu sabba mangalam.
      "May all beings be happy."

      I tried your solution to no avail. Still 'no AirportCard installed'

      Will continue to try to fix .Thanks anyway

      Metta Karuna Mudditta Upekka.
      It's all annicca!
      Cheers lloyd

    4. Hi everyone,

      I have had this problem for the past 10 months (I can't actually remember last having WIFI). Our local Apple store had no idea and wanted to install for a new Airport card. I knew that couldn't be the problem.

      After a software update it worked again, then one restart later it was gone. Now after another update (non-OSX, itunes+safari+trackpad) I have my Airport again.

      I'll keep this trick in my backpocket for the next episode.


    5. do you delete them once you've moved them?

    6. Hi Kathy,

      I think I just tossed them in a folder somewhere, just in case.