East Palo Alto -- Whole House Building Supply needs help

Paul Gardner's Whole House Building Supply is a gem of a salvage yard in East Palo Alto, and they're looking for a new location. See this CBS News video for a bit more about them, as well as this Chronicle article:
"His company now runs two large warehouses in East Palo Alto that are staffed by residents from the neighborhood, offers whole-house deconstruction (minus the foundation), and partners with East Palo Alto Council of Tenants, an affordable-housing nonprofit, which takes a percentage of the proceeds and offers tax write-offs to anyone who donates building materials. A couple of on-site carpenters take difficult-to-sell items like short pieces of wood and transform them into planters, garden benches and butcher blocks made of old-growth redwood."
With Vicki's help I've scored countless goodies there for my project -- double-paned windows, rare arched windows, hardwood flooring, molding, a Thermador cooktop, even my front door (which came from an Atherton demo). It'd be a tragic loss for the Bay Area if Whole House disappeared -- if you've got any location ideas for them, definitely contact Paul.

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