New News for Curious Cooks

Quick summary, in case this is tl;dr for you: check out Harold's fancy new site, which Michael and I made!


I first met Harold McGee while I was working on Blogger — he was helping advise Google's ever-growing food operations, and some friends from Google's amazing kitchen staff introduced us. Harold follows and investigates all the latest news from the world of food science, and publishes it in his famous tome, On Food and Cooking. He also publishes a monthly column in the New York Times with new material he encounters on his travels.

He had a dilemma though, which he asked me about — there's lots more material that he studies and curates than can fit in his book or Times column... could the Web help? Being Google's resident Blogging Proselytizer (that's actually what my business card read back then), I replied that web tech could definitely help here, and I set up a slightly-customized blog for him — then he was off to the races.

Fast forward a few years — Harold grew a bit weary of having separate sites for his blog and other static content, so I helped him think through some possible upgrade paths. I asked Michael for a hand, figuring the project would be right up his alley — it involved tech, food, publishing, science, and an excuse to get together for a few nice meals! And after several months of occasional nights-and-weekends work, the new Curious Cook is ready — here's Harold's post announcing it.

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