xkcd on money

Things that leapt out at me from xkcd #980:

  • $5.63 — daily interest on average credit card debt
  • $110.30 — average monthly cost of a smartphone bill.
  • $1,820 — one Starbucks latte per day
  • $3,050 — a daily pack of cigarettes for a year (NJ)
  • ~$4M — amount needed to live comfortably off investments
  • tobacco
    • ~$11B — annual US spending on lung cancer treatment
    • ~$14B — annual US spending on tobacco marketing
    • ~$90B — annual US spending on tobacco products
  • misc
    • the annual cost of owning a dog vs. a cat is roughly the same
    • the average hourly wage for a production worker has stayed roughly the same since 1965, but CEO pay during that time has increased over 1000%
Randall is my hero.

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