New Adventures

Today is my last day at Rdio. I joined two years ago when Carter recruited me to help with some product management, in preparation for our eventual launch. Post-launch I hired some great folks to ramp up our user-facing operational program (community / social / support / etc.), and tapped into some prior experience to help April get our blogging efforts off the ground.

Presented without commentI've always wanted to work at a startup, and I learned a tremendous amount during my time at Rdio. I got exposure to a new-to-me group of entrepreneurs, as well as the sausage-being-made process that is the creation and marketing a new consumer service — which, it turns out, is incredibly challenging. I've also learned that my personality is better suited to earlier-stage, scrappier (and riskier) ventures — my skillset and aspirations are quite unique, and have never found an obvious home in later-stage org charts.

Fortunately Domainr is humming along nicely, and I'll be able to spend more time on it going forward. Randy and Cameron are almost done porting it to new infrastructure, which has understandably taken a while given their duties at Square. We'll be iterating on it soon, time-permitting.

In the short-term I'll be working on a project for Dan and Pete, who've done a fantastic job executing post-Google. We were fortunate enough to be part of Marissa's flock back in 2007, and I'm really looking forward to working with them.

Longer-term, I'm taking my time to find the right combination of people, values and mission with which to fully align my time. If you hear of anything I might dig, or know some folks with whom I should chat, get in touch.