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About 10 years ago I'd just finished college, and was weeks away from embarking on a 'round-the-world backpacking trip. I was hoping to publish photos and posts on this weblog as I made my way country to country, and was doing some research on unix hosts that could serve my site. Cornerhost crossed my radar, and I liked its positioning as having a friendly, human touch.

I had a few questions for them, so I sent them an email to get a feel for their support. Michal responded within hours and I was really impressed, so I sent him a few more questions, including:
Cornerhost sounds like an awesome personal project of yours... but (and this may sound morbid), what happens if something happens to you? :/
His reply:
Whew. Well, that's a good question, and one I'd not thought about to be honest. (denying my own morality here... )
The server is hosted at rackspace, and they withdraw money from my corporate account, so in theory the server would just keep plugging along until I ran out of money. :) You'd definitely have enough time to figure out I was dead.
And it is a corporation, so the company exists independently of me.
I do have a few trusted friends with the technical skills to maintain the service, or at least find it a good home.
(Once I have some employees working for me, this issue will certainly clear up)
Huh. These are all kinda rough answers. Like I said, I'd never really thought about it. Thanks for bringing it up. I'll give it some more thought.
Huge props to Michal for sending such a warm and honest reply, but the low bus factor worried me. I ended up sticking with Dreamhost, which I highly recommend if their offering matches your needs.

Michal just posted an update on his blog, for those following along. Hope he pulls through whatever's happening in good spirits and health.

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