Prepaid Cellular Data

I've been experimenting with this since last summer, and have been meaning to write up my results, but Skylar beat me to it: How To Reduce Your Smartphone Bill to ~$30/month

My bill is more like ~$25/month because I don't use much (if any) "voice that's not data" at $0.10/min. And the only reason the bill is "per month" is because AT&T expires unused data after 30 days, which is preposterous.

A few other related things:
  • here's Matt's writeup
  • this Wikia site lists all the US services that provide prepaid data
  • I've tried SIP over 3G/4G and the quality just isn't quite there, so I'm sticking with AT&T's $0.10/min service until something better comes along
  • when I'm on wifi, I use GrooVeIP
Unlocked phones + prepaid data + Google Voice = FTW

Update, 2012-05-14: apparently as of 2012-04-18 AT&T has decided to couple prepaid data with a recurring monthly voice/messaging plan, effectively doubling the price for folks with usage patterns similar to mine. T-Mobile's $30 plan appears to be the next best thing.

Also, an Android and Me post rounding up our options.

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