LazyWeb — Google Voice read state sync

Google Voice, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:
  • Decoupled phone number — when your number is decoupled from your wireless carrier or SIM card, you can change carriers whenever you want. Find the best service, best deal, best offering that matches your usage patterns, use your number internationally, etc. Also incredibly handy if you lose your phone for some reason.
  • Central archive — it's surprisingly useful to have a Gmail-style archive of your SMSs, voicemails and call log.
  • Free calling and texting — send and receive SMSs via mobile data (which don't count against some ridiculous cap), and make calls for free via Gmail and GrooVeIP
  • Call handling — screen incoming calls, block numbers from calling and texting you, use "do not disturb," play customized greetings, etc.
  • Multi-platform — use the service from Android & iOS mobile apps, a Chrome Extension, or any modern web browser.
A UX annoyance though — the service needs to keep track of read state. Currently, for example, the Chrome extension will chime to notify me that I have a new text, and I'll reply to it from within Chrome.

Meanwhile my Android phone obliviously keeps blinking at me, telling me I have a new, unread message that I've already responded to in Chrome. It should know better.

LazyWeb — Add to Contacts

I'm probably anomalous here, but I like to have restaurants, etc. in my local address book (which is powered by Google Contacts). So when I find one in Maps, I'd like to be able to single-click add it to my Contacts.

LazyWeb — Where autocomplete

The Where field in a Calendar entry should autocomplete just like Google Maps. Google Now would be a lot smarter if every calendar event had location data associated with it.

Google Calendar, with no autocomplete

Google Maps can haz autocomplete

Bonus request: how to associate a "transportation method" with calendar entries? A few weeks into using Google Now, I'm finding that I drive to some things, take public transportation to others, and walk to others, and Now's suggestions are basically wrong 1/3 of the time.

My LazyWeb

Since the original LazyWeb is no longer with us (RIP), I'll tally mine here. They're Google-centric at the moment, but that will probably change over time.
Ancient History
  • my original lazyweb post from 2007-09-08, asking for a few Camino things and mobile & offline Gdocs usage, which eventually arrived.


Thank you, David Simon

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