RIP, AaronSw

I didn't know Aaron well, but was fortunate enough to hang out with him a few times during his short but brilliant life. Despite his age I always considered him a role model, for his technical prowess as well as his vision, idealism and passion. He didn't just think and talk about how the world could be better, he devoted his life to actually making it better.

One quick, trivial memory I'll share, from the first time we connected — back in ~2005 he posted something on his site about his server's hard drive crashing, so a few of us from blogger-team paypal'd him some $ to buy a new one; he would have been ~19 years old at the time:

A few months later we got to meet him in person, when he visited Google for lunch, and I saw him a couple more times over the years, at conferences and whatnot — throughout I've remained a fan of his writing, causes and code.

To see him in action, watch his Freedom to Connect 2012 talk.

His premature death is an utterly tragic loss for humanity. Rest in peace, Aaron.

(followup: videos from his memorial in SF)

Aaron's causes
  • Dan Gillmor: "We can honor Aaron’s life in the best way by doing what he did at his amazing best. We can work to expand an open Net and society, and to make “liberty” a word that means something again."
  • Marcia Hofman: "Let's Fix Draconian Computer Crime Law"
  • Gregory Foster: "I looked into Aaron Greenspan's proposed Operation Asymptote, and I wanted to recommend it as an effective and poetic tribute to Aaron Swartz's memory."

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